For laboratories that dispense their acids manually, we offer our superior manual hot block.  The block is acid resistant and evenly heats the sample on both the sides and the bottom.  The standard SmartBlock is 60 position for 50ml tubes.


What industries is the SmartBlock used in?

Waste Water
Soil Labs
Mercury Testing
Nutrition & Vitamin Companies
Petroleum, Plastics, & Chemistry Process Companies
Any company wanting to control the amount of metal in their products


110V and 220V
110 - 9000011
This system is available in either 110 V or  220V.

Reliable Digestion Block
The digestion block is acid resistant, and provides a steady temperature by heating the bottom and the sides of each vessel.

Vessel Accommodations

Our standard block is made for flat bottomed vials, but we have blocks for conical bottomed vessels readily available.