ERICA for Microwave


The ERICA for Microwave system is very similar to the DEENA II, except the ERICA only dispenses the reagents.  It is made to prepare your samples for microwave digestion.  The Machine will handle up to four reagents, or eight with upgrade, and allows up to six standards with the optional syringe module.

The ERICA for Microwave system improves laboratory safety, reduces manual handling of acids, increases efficiency, provides consistent results, and allows the technician to perform other tasks during the sample preparation. 

What industries is the ERICA used in?
Waste Water
Soil Labs
Mercury Testing
Nutrition & Vitamin Companies
Petroleum, Plastics, & Chemistry Process Companies

Any company wanting to control the amount of metal in their products


ERICA for Microwave - 9000013

The ERICA for Microwave system comes with a simple, but powerful, software program.  Methods are completely customizable, and can even be saved so you can use them again and again.  The software even provides you with reports, logs, and audits.