DEENAm is an automated digestion system that fully automates the dispensing of reagents into test tubes, as well as the heating and cooling steps in the digestion process.  In metal and mercury analysis, manual sample preparation often consists of many steps that are labor intensive and time consuming.  DEENAm alleviates most of the manual sample preparation and reduces the errors associated with sample handling.  DEENAm has the necessary functionality to automate your sample digestion process without modifying it.  DEENAm can also run unattended overnight, so your samples are ready for analysis when you arrive in the morning.

In addition to dispensing reagents and heating the samples, DEENAm prepares calibration and spike standards, shakes the samples, inspects their color, adjusts the sample volumes after the digestion process, and records every step taken in the process.

DEENAm handles up to six standards and nine reagents, including a dedicated reagent line for difficult solutions (like KMnO4), avoiding cross-contamination.  There are also two racks, each having a capacity of 15 samples, for ease of handling and portability.  With the optional fume hood, DEENAm can be placed on a bench top, freeing up valuable fume hood space.


What industries is the DEENA used in?

Waste Water Analysis
Soil Analysis
Mercury Testing
Pharmaceutical Analysis
Petroleum, Plastics, & Chemistry Process


  • Fume Hood

    Our Fume Hoods are custom made to fit the our metal digesters, allowing you to work with your samples on your bench top and free up your valuable hood space.

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  • Syringe Module

    The syringe module is a great add-on for standards and precision. It works seamlessly with any of our auto digesters.

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  • Loop Valve

    The loop valve is the ultimate tool in precision. It uses a loop of a predetermined volume to dispense acids in place of the peristaltic pump. There are several volumes to choose from, and this can be added to any metal digester of ours.

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  • Vials

    We offer both polypropylene and PTFE vials in various quantities. They offer ideal results with our metal digesters.

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110V and 220V
110 - 9000006
220 - 9000027

Reliable Digestion Block
The digestion block in the DEENA is acid resistant, and provides a steady temperature by heating the bottom and the sides of each vessel.

Fill To
DEENA has a "fill to" feature, which will bring your samples to volume (without you having to calculate the remaining volume).

Color Sensor
During mercury digestions the color sensor attempts to reflect light through the vials in order to ensure the KMnO4 is fully saturated.

The DEENA has a built in agitator called "shake."  It is great for a light agitation.

The DEENA can fit in a standard fume hood, or you can purchase a fume hood made specifically for the system.

Vessel Accommodations

Our standard block is made for flat bottomed vials, but we have blocks for conical bottomed vessels readily available.

The DEENA system comes with a simple, but powerful, software program.  Methods are completely customizable, and can even be saved so you can use them again and again.  The software even provides you with reports, logs, and audits.